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 Email Configuration Webhosting

To receive your emails via an email client, please use the following information to create an account: Username: email addressPOP/IMAP Host: ssl.mailhostpro.comUse SSL: YesPort: 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP)SMTP Server:...

 Domain Management (multi domain hosting)

You are using a mulit domain hosting and want to add more domains to your primary domain name: Before you can add a domain to a multi domain hosting, you make sure that you are not using any package for this domain (like DNS &...

 Connect sitebuilder with domain at client area

Please note, to connect your sitebuilder with a domain, you must publish the website (button at the sitebuilder). The free sitebuilder or sitebuilder trial can not be connected to a domain.If you manage your domain name with the...

 How to set SSH Keys

How to set an SSH key: Log into the Cloud ControlPanel. On the top right of the screen click on "My Profile". Select the "Edit Profile" section. Click on "SSH keys". Now you can add, update or remove SSH keys that should...