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Connect sitebuilder with domain at ControlPanel

Please note, to connect your sitebuilder with a domain, you must publish the website (button at the sitebuilder). The free sitebuilder or sitebuilder trial can not be connected to a domain.

If you manage your domain name via the emerion ControlPanel: 

You can only connect your domain with the sitebuilder if you use Domain Parking with or without "E-Mail & Domain Pointer". 

1.) Login in to your ControlPanel and click on the domain name at the middle.
2.) Click on "Domain Setup" at the left menu and on "Nameserver Setup" at the blue bar at the top. 
3.) Click on "Define your custom Web Server" and on "Yes" to proceed the set up for this service. 
4.) Click on "Create record as CNAME" right above the input field.
5.) Fill in "homepage.owooho.com" and click on the button "Save". 

Now login to your sitebuilder: 

1.) Click on "Manage" at the top. 
2.) Click on "Domain mapping". 
3.) Click on "Map a domain". 
4.) Fill in "www.yourdomain" and click on "Test mapping". You may need to check this repeatedly, until the change is visible.
5.) Only if the test is positive, click on the button "Map domain".

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